In the past the Brantford Lapidary and Mineral Society Inc has run several Field Trips.  From searching for Devonian age fossils in Arkona at hungry Hollow, which also has a very interesting museum on site with fossils found in the area as well as many Indian artifacts from the area, well worth the time to investigate.  A long set of stairs will take you down to the Ausable river where along its shores and banks you will discover many types of Brachiopods, fossilized shells, corals, crinoids, if you search hard you may also find Trilobites and fossilized armored fish.

In the past we have also gone to the Dundas Quarry, sadly unavailable for the moment.  At the Dundas Quarry you can obtain amazing blue celestine, fluorite cubes.

Our club has also organized trips to the ROM providing bus transportation and the entrance fee.  We spend the first hour or two in their amazing Geology department viewing crystals, meteorites and specimens from around the world. 

In May we head to the USA to Herkimer New York to the Ace of Diamonds Mine to search for double terminated Quartz crystals, these unique crystals are usually very clear and make amazing specimens to your collections be they single crystals or in matrix.

Also field trips are organized the CCFMS which all member clubs, yes the BLMS is a member club, are welcome to join in the fun.  They organize trips to  ST. Mary’s Cement an awesome place to find fossils like Trilobites, Crinoids, Cephalopods, Corals, Bryozoans, Graptolites,Ostracods,,Pelecypods and Brachiopods.  Another CCFMS trip is to  Nelson Aggregates Quarry twice a year - May & September. where an eager rockhound can find:

  • Carbonates - Calcite, Dolomite
  • Sulphates - Barite, Celestite, Gypsum (var. Selenite)
  • Sulphides - Galena, Marcasite, Pyrite, Sphalerite
  • Halides - Fluorite
  • Oxides - Magnetite
  • Other - Fossils (coral), Hydrocarbons
  1. Dolomite is whitish or pinkish. Unusual tiny saddle-shaped crystals are made of small misaligned blocks that produce curved crystal faces.
  2. Sphalerite is generally lighter in colour than Dundas sphalerite and appears a gemmy yellow colour.
  3. The barite is very white and platy when crystallized.
  4. Very sharp octahedral galena crystals have been found.
  5. Vugs with nice associations of galena, barite, marcasite and dolomite occur.
  6. Most crystals are small and suitable for micro-mounts.

Trips organized by other member clubs may also available for our members to attend to attend .  In the past Trips have been organized to Marmora Quarry where you can find-  magnetite, dogtooth calcite, garnet, peridot, pyrite and so much more.  Even weekend trips to Bancroft where many excellent specimens can be found along the many area road cuts, we also have gone to the Beryl pit and the rose quartz mine, the CN dump right in town and to the many old mines in the area where for a small dee you can find many excellent specimens.

Arkona- Hungry Hollow

St. Mary's Cement

Marmora Quarry

Trip to the ROM

Herkimer New York

We are always looking for interesting trips for our members to go explore and collect, so sign up and join in the fun.