The Brantford Lapidary and Mineral Society organize field trips in conjunction with the CCFMS and other CCFMS member clubs.  In addition many of or members venture out on their own to discover the many amazing rocks and minerals available to the enterprising rockhound.

Organized fieldtrips include going to : Arkona to search for Devonian age fossils and viewing the excellent   museum located at Hungry Hollow.

                                                         : Marmora to find magnetite, dogtooth calcite, garnet, peridot, pyrite and so much more.

                                                         : ST. Mary’s Cement (CCFMS) an awesome place to find fossils like Trilobites, Crinoids,                                                                                                                     Cephalopods, Corals, Bryozoans,  Graptolites,Ostracods,,Pelecypods and Brachiopods                                                                   

                                                         : Joint trip with other CCFMS clubs to Herkimer New York to search for Double Terminated                                                                                                                                      Quartz crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds at the Ace of Diamond Mines.


                                                           There are many near bye attractions like: - Herkimer Diamond Mines

                                                                                                                                  - Herkimer County Historical Society

                                                                                                                                  - Erie Canal Cruises

                                                                                                                                  - Gems along the Mohawk

                                                                                                                                  -  Remington Arms Gun Museum

                                                                                                                                  -  Little Falls Antique Center

                                                                                                                                  -  Howe Caverns

                                                                                                                                  -  Rickard Hill Fossils

Our club along with other CCFMS member clubs are continually organizing interesting and fun field trips for all our members.  So please join the club and join in the fun

CCFMS and individual club sponsored Field Trips

Each CCFMS club decides if it runs its own local field trips. Many do. If you are interested in field tripping, you should contact your local club or a club that is active in field tripping. Many of our members belong to multiple clubs specifically because they enjoy field tripping so much.

The CCFMS runs several field trips each year that are open to al members of Affiliate Member Clubs in good standing. The dates of these trips can be found in the Field Trips Button on the CCFMS website, as well as being posted on our Facebook page .

Recurring Field Trips

  • Beamsville Quarry Nelson Aggregates Quarry, Beamsville Ontario - Saturday - 2nd weekend in May, 4th weekend in September
    Bowmanville Quarry  St. Marys Cement Inc. (Canada), Bowmanville - Fall & Spring 

Code of Ethics for Rock hounds and associate club members

Code of Ethics adopted by CCFMS to which all its members are expected to abide by:

  1. I will respect both private and public property and will do no collecting on privately owned land without the owner's permission.
  2. I will keep informed on all laws, regulations or rules governing collecting on public lands and will observe them.
  3. I will, to the best of my ability, ascertain the boundary lines of property on which I plan to collect.
  4. I will use no firearms or blasting material in collecting areas.
  5. I will cause no willful damage to property of any kind - fences, signs, buildings etc.
  6. I will leave all gates as found.
  7. I will build fires in designated or safe places only, and will be certain they are completely extinguished before leaving the area.
  8. I will discard no burning material - matches, cigarettes, etc.
  9. I will fill all excavation holes which may be dangerous to livestock. I will not contaminate wells, creeks or other water supply.
  10. I will cause no willful damage to collecting material, and will take home only what I can reasonably use.
  11. I will leave all collecting areas devoid of litter, regardless of how found.
  12. I will co-operate with field trip leaders, and those designated in authority in all collecting areas.
  13. I will report to my Club or Federation Officers, or other proper authorities, any deposit of material on public lands which should be protected for the enjoyment of future generations for public educational and scientific purposes.
  14. I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources.
  15. I will observe the "Golden Rule" and will use "Good Outdoor Manners" and will at all times conduct myself in a manner which will add to the stature and "Public Image" of rock hounds everywhere.

Safety for Field Trippers ~ CCFMS and associate clubs Safety Rules
  1. Safety glasses or goggles must be worn whenever working with rock.

  2. Sturdy shoes (Steel toes in tips for working quarries), hardhats and long pants are required on all field trips to a quarry. Sneakers and short pants are not permissible.

  3. Safety vests should be worn at all times in working quarries and are a good idea to wear on any excursion.

  4. Never work near quarry walls or vertical cliffs. Large overhangs can give way without warning and take you with them.

  5. Take care exploring on talus or piles of loose blaster rock. They can avalanche and take you with them.

  6. When climbing or walking on slippery rocks, always be careful to maintain your balance. Nasty falls can be avoided if you test footholds before putting your full weight on them. Even large stones can tend to be slippery when wet.

  7. Keep clear of all posted or dangerous areas.

  8. If a dynamite case is found - LEAVE IT ALONE !!

  9. Stay away from all quarry equipment.

  10. Stop and rest when tired.

  11. Some materials leave poisonous residues on hands. Be sure to wash before eating.

  12. Be alert for rodents and snakes. Never reach or tread where you cannot see.

  13. Stay clear of waterfalls, wet rock is very slippery.

  14. Poison ivy is no fun. If unsure, remember - Leaves of three, leave it be.

  15. Watch out for the other fellow as you hammer or roll rocks. A flying chip can blind or give a bad cut.

  16. Let someone know when you are leaving.

  17. Children under 16 are not allowed in active quarries.

  18. Make sure to take any garbage you create with you as you leave