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About Us

Established in 1964

We are active members of the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies ( C.C.F.M.S.). The C.C.F.M.S is a non-profit federation of rock, mineral and lapidary clubs for hobbyists in central Canada. It was founded in 1969 and arose out of the "Inter-Club Field Trip Committee", which had existed since 1964. The CCFMS now serves as the collective voice for the amateur clubs of central Canada. It assists its members by various means to promote the earth sciences, to protect collecting sites, to educate collectors, and to foster good will, friendship and rapport among all. Presently, there are 24 member clubs in the federation. The website is:

The Brantford Lapidary and Mineral Society is run by volunteers and we work to cater to the different interests our  club members have. 

At our monthly meetings, we present various speakers who share information relating to their fields of expertise, may it be a geologist or prospector hunting for minerals.

We arrange for field trips, some local and some further away, where rocks and minerals can either be collected or studied. For example, collecting Herkimer Diamonds in upstate New York. Some field trips are in partnership with other mineral clubs or C.C.F.M.S.

We have a workshop where the BLMS members and members of any CCFMS club affiliate can use the equipment or learn the art of lapidary which is the process of cutting and polishing stones and minerals. The cost is through the use of our punch card system. For a single session $12.00,  5 sessions for $55.00, $100.00 for 10 sessions, & $180.00 for 20 sessions.

We welcome all of the CCFMS lapidary hobbyists and fellow "rock hounds".

Whenever applicable, we assist the local schools through presentations and exhibits that relate to the current science curriculum. 

Area residents, members of our club, provide our members with a wealth of talent, knowledge, and experience which is exciting to share and learn from. A list some of the areas of expertise and interests that are:

* Geology Studies

* Rocks

* Minerals

* Fossils 

* Crystals

* Fluorescence

* Archeology

* Sands and Micro-Mounting

* Mining

* Silver and Copper Soldering

* Carving

* Cutting and Polishing Stone and Bone

* Wire Wrapping and Crafting

* Paleontology

* Lithic Tools

* Collecting/Prospecting

* Meteorites

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